Red Light Therapy Products for At-Home Neuropathy Treatment

red light therapy for nerve regeneration

Most of the time, nerve damage treatment is a multi-pronged affair. There isn’t a single treatment addressing the issues caused by peripheral neuropathy — a more holistic approach is usually necessary. In addition to eliminating the cause of the nerve damage, steps must be taken to encourage nerve regeneration. With these red light therapy products, you can help your body regrow damaged nerves in the comfort of your own home.

Reversing the damage caused by peripheral neuropathy can be complicated. Different treatments might be recommended for different types of nerve damage, especially when a cause is taken into consideration. Solutions that are good for inflammatory nerve damage, for example, might be less effective when it comes to treating neuropathy caused by something like localized trauma or focal compression.

Whatever the cause of nerve damage may be, however, nerve regeneration is always important. So long as nerves have not been damaged past the point of no return, so to speak, your body can regrow nerves that have been partially lost to neuropathy.

Your body can use all the help it can get when it comes to these efforts, and it’s up to you to lend a hand where possible.

Encouraging a Nerve-Friendly Atmosphere

There are many things we can be doing to encourage a more nerve-friendly environment within our bodies. Whether this means exercising more regularly or diet changes, most individuals can look to at least one behavioral change for some improved nerve health and function.

To this end, there are plenty of ways that you can help encourage your body’s natural ability to regrow its nerves. Just as certain foods can help you cut back on nerve-damaging inflammation, there are certain products which can encourage the growth and regeneration of damaged nerves.

If your nerve damage has a known treatable cause, it is important to work with your doctor to eliminate that which is causing the damage. Diabetes, kidney disease, and high blood pressure, for example, must be treated first and foremost to avoid further damage of not only your peripheral nervous system but for the health of your entire body. While working with your doctor is important to address known treatable causes, often times the cause of neuropathy is either unknown, or the cause cannot be eliminated. This is where the majority of people suffering from peripheral neuropathy stand, and where home treatment is helping people regain their lives.

Red light therapy is quickly becoming a favored at-home neuropathy treatment that reportedly encourages nerve growth to give your body a healing boost.

Red Light Therapy for Nerve Regeneration

LED light therapy is one of the most rapidly-emerging new treatments for peripheral neuropathy. Multiple studies have found that what’s known as low-level light therapy can be surprisingly effective not only when it comes to treating some of the painful symptoms of peripheral neuropathy, but also for reversing the damage it causes, as well.

Specific wavelengths of light have been shown to help negate some of the more difficult symptoms of peripheral neuropathy as well as kickstart your body’s anti-inflammatory signals and help to calm down fiery nerves.

These types of light also may penetrate your cells in a way that helps to encourage tissue repair and nerve growth. With Michael Hamblin of Harvard Medical School pioneering the way through LED red light therapy for nerve regeneration, we’re learning a lot about the mechanisms behind this type of healing. But not only is the research promising, but early adopters of LED red light therapy are reporting success with improved symptoms.

Photons System Red Light Therapy

This particular unit is easy-to-use with a hands-free and stand-free design. It’s flexibility and lightweight features make it easy to travel with for use on-the-go, yet is large enough to be used on just about any part of your body. The size is preferred by many over handheld devices so a wider area can be treated at once. Wherever your nerve damage might be, the Photons System device is easy to use. While often marketed for skincare, it is cleared by the FDA for pain management, it may be helpful for a variety of your sore muscles, aches, pains, and a lot more.

Tendlite Red Light Therapy

There’s a much smaller option that makes it easier to apply focused light therapy to a specific targeted area that is also a good option for those who want a device that is very portable.

If you’re the type whose livelihood doesn’t really cater to you staying in the same place for any real length of time, something a bit more versatile might be in a better option. This makes the Tendlite Red Light Therapy Device more attractive if you have a super active lifestyle that involves lots of traveling.

You can bring this little friend with you, and access the soothing benefits that come with red light therapy anywhere. Just hold the unit up to the impacted area. Reviewers report feeling relief within minutes to days.

reVive Light Therapy Clinical

The reVive Light Therapy Clinical tool is another portable option, but one that’s slightly less pricey than the Tendlite. We like this one because it’ll set you back a bit less than some of the other options, but doesn’t sacrifice any of its effectiveness in doing so.

Sixty individual LEDs give you low-level light output for smaller area treatment at a time targeted to relieve inflammation, soothe fiery nerves, and encourage nerve tissue regeneration.

We found this to be a surprisingly durable little product, and it’s kept going strong after a good few months of continuous use. As far as cost-effective, portable light therapy options go, this one’s a winner.


This one comes with FDA-clearance and clinical approval. The RejuvaliteMD is a little bit pricier and is pretty clearly designed to be a more permanent setup in your bathroom or bedroom.

Originally designed to encourage younger-looking skin, this product’s light output can also be used to encourage nerve repair on a cellular level, making it a great tool for helping your body repair damaged nerves.

DPL Light Therapy Slippers

Perhaps the most common forms of peripheral nerve damage start out with painful symptoms in the feet. This is usually the first thing to wind up sending people to the doctor’s office, often acting as the ringing doorbell to announce the newly-arrived presence of peripheral neuropathy.

We’ve heard the peripheral neuropathy horror stories of shoes that have been turned into torture devices, and bedsheets that become intolerable once the hypersensitive symptoms of nerve damage have started to really take hold.

A bit of light therapy can go a long way, and this is especially true when it comes to your feet. At the end of a long, nerve-damaged day, these light therapy slippers do a may help to take the edge off, while encouraging the active regeneration of your frayed nerves at the very same time.

These red light therapy slippers are relatively inexpensive, as products like this go. Additionally, you can feel confident with their FDA-clearance for pain management.

Your Nerves Get By with a Little Help from Their Friends

Provided you catch it early enough, your nerve damage is not a lost cause. You can not only stop the impacts of peripheral neuropathy in many instances, but you can also actually regrow your damaged nerves, too. Your body, to a certain degree, can do this all on its own. It’ll need a leg up if it can get one, though, and there are many different things you can do to lend a helping hand when it comes to regrowing your frayed nerve endings.

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Red Light Therapy Products for At-Home Neuropathy Treatment

red light therapy for nerve regeneration

Most of the time, nerve damage treatment is a multi-pronged affair. There isn’t a single treatment addressing the issues…