Why Skechers Go Walk are the Most Popular Shoes for Foot Pain


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Close to 11 million Americans suffer from neuropathy, a condition that can result in a variety of symptoms like pain, numbness, or sensation of tingling. Neuropathy is a disorder of the nerves that play a vital role in transmission of various signals like pain, pressure, movement, balance, and so on. While any nerve in the body can be affected, in the majority of cases, it is the foot and leg nerves that are mostly involved. The symptoms of neuropathy can be moderate to intense or lack of sensation. So it makes sense that shoes for neuropathy are an important consideration.

There are many causes of neuropathy but the most common is diabetes. Diabetics often develop ulcers and infections in their feet. Because they lack sensation and have a hindered ability to heal, they more easily develop foot infections. Footwear that minimizes risk for foot sores is especially important for people with neuropathy.

For individuals with neuropathy of the feet, thankfully, wearing the appropriate shoe will not only protect the feet but also improve the quality of life.

Shoes For Neuropathy Foot Pain

For people with neuropathy that affects the feet, it is vital to select the right footwear. The shoes for neuropathy should not only be comfortable and prevent injury, but they should allow you to partake in physical activity without causing any further damage to the bones and ligaments.

Because neuropathy results in numbness, most people with neuropathy will not even know if the shoe is tight or fits properly. Wearing the wrong shoe is a common cause of further damage to the feet in patients with neuropathy.

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So the first recommendation is to select the right shoes for neuropathy. When purchasing footwear, your priority should not be how beautiful the shoe looks or whether it is in style, but whether it is comfortable and provides foot protection.

So which shoes for neuropathy are the best?

Dozens of shoes are promoted for individuals with diabetic neuropathy with a variety of positive attributes. Skechers Go Walk Shoes have become the most popular (in terms of number of shoes sold) with those suffering from neuropathy in the feet for the following reasons.

Cushion for Sensitive Feet

Skechers Go Walk is most selected for the obvious memory foam cushioning that’s easy on sensitive, damaged nerve endings. Memory foam is what made this shoe the most popular choice for those with sensitive feet due to nerve damage.

If you are looking for a shorter wear shoe that feels like a slipper, the Skechers Go Walk is an excellent choice.

While the memory foam starts with some decent arch support, in can pack down if worn for extended periods of time. However, for the price point, most reviewers agree the Skechers Go Walk is a good value and they repurchase new pairs when the memory foam gets worn down with wear.

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Podiatrists advise that for standing or walking for extended periods of time, or for high impact activity like running, memory foam insoles typically don’t provide enough arch support, especially for feet prone to conditions like plantar fasciitis. However, Skechers has addressed the need for better arch support with their model, Skechers Go Walk Arch Fit.

Improve Blood Flow

Skechers Go Walk in general do not restrict the movement of the foot in the shoe and avoid compressing the blood supply in critical areas, this helps improve blood flow to the feet, compared to tight fitting shoes, which is vital for diabetics with neuropathy.

Decrease Foot Pain

People with neuropathy in the feet usually suffer from foot symptoms ranging from numbness to severe pain, with many variations in between. Skechers Go Walk have a unique design with ample room at the toes and the shoes are shaped in a way designed to prevent friction against the sidewalls and prevent the heel from sliding too far forward. These features reduce the risk of friction injuries (and therefore infections) to the foot or unnecessary added pain.

Improve Mobility

One of the major complaints of many people with neuropathy is that they are not able to ambulate either because of pain and discomfort, weakness, or balance issues. The lack of ambulation leads to poor quality of life and a worsening of their neuropathic condition.

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Wearing shoes that don’t add to discomfort can help improve the ability and willingness to move. With movement and exercise of great importance to the health of not only nerves, but of the whole body, finding a shoe that encourages movement is important. Many report an improvement in freedom and mobility with their Skechers Go Walk memory foam shoes.

Good Value

Skechers Go Walk are considered a good value by reviewers at a price point around $50, considering the quality of materials, features focused on sensitive feet, cushioning construction, and level of comfort.

Skechers Go Walk Construction

Skechers Go Walk are are constructed with a seamless knit mesh or synthetic canvas and well cushioned to absorb any shock while walking. The sole is flexible but yet fairly durable in comparison to some similarly constructed shoes on the market. Both the collar and tongue in many of the Go Walk models have extra padding to maintain ankle stability and comfort. The fabric used to construct several Skechers Go walk models absorbs moisture and keeps the foot dry. Skechers Go Walk are available as lace-up designs or easy wear slip-ons.

When to Choose Skechers Go Walk

Skechers Go Walk are the ideal for individuals with neuropathy and very sensitive feet. The shoes are best used for short walks and walking in the home. They are not recommended for long-term high impact wear as the arch support is not rigid enough and wears down with prolonged use. Skechers Go Walk are lightweight and have ample shock absorbency for sensitive feet. Finally, Skechers Go Walk, have excellent responsive cushioning and have a roomy fit without soft uppers for reduced abrasion risk.

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What’s the Difference Between the Skechers Go Walk Models?

Skechers Go Walk shoes are available for both men and women. The Go Walk models range in style, color, and designs. Here are some Go Walk models to consider:

Go Walk 5
Skechers Go Walk 5

Go Walk 5 are the latest generation shoes that possess high-tech cushioning, supreme comfort fabric on the walls, and an air-cooled insole. These shoes are available as slip-on or straps and available for men and women.

Go Walk Air
Skechers Go Walk Air

Go Walk Air are especially lightweight and feel more like a protective slipper. They have responsive cushioning, air-cooled insoles, and soft well-aerated woven mesh uppers. The shoes are ideal for short walks and wearing around the house.

Go Walk Lite
Skechers Go Walk Lite

Go Walk Lite are designed especially for women and feature soft knit mesh fabric uppers. These feminine shoes are available as slip-ons or lace. The inside is lined with memory foam cushioning and an air-cooled insole so that your feet will never feel sweaty.

Go Walk Joy
Skechers Go Walk Joy

Go Walk Joy for women are extremely light and comfortable. Designed for casual walking they are made of knit mesh fabric and a breathable insole. Underfoot is Skecher’s Comfort Pillar Technology for extra rebound with each step. A loop in added in the rear of the shoe to aid in slipping the shoe on effortlessly. Available in four color options.

Go Walk Max
Skechers Go Max

Go Walk Max are unique in that they come with a thicker platform sole and maximum cushioning and shock absorbency. This model was so popular for Skechers, they’ve released an even thicker cushioned sole, the Max Cushioning series, available for men and women.

Arch Fit
Skechers Arch Fit

The Arch Fit model is designed with a podiatrist certified arch support that provides stability, balance, and support. The lightweight midsole features a flex arriculation design and extra cushioning. A woven mesh fabric upper is great for sensitive feet and delicate skin.

Skechers Max Cushioning Collection

Ready to take cushioning to the max? Skechers has really amped up the springy step in their premium Max Cushioning Collection. Most of the models in the collection feature rocker technology to assist with ankle joint range of motion, alleviate stress on knees, and reduce pressure on the balls of feet. For a full feature shoe, they are very lightweight with extra-thick responsive cushioning.

No matter which model Skechers Go Walk or Max Cushioning you buy, you can rest assured that the footwear will be comfortable, feel cool, be easy on your feet, and will allow you to get around without added undue pain.