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The more you know about how to encourage healthy nerves and what to avoid that damages them, the more control you can have over your peripheral neuropathy. Stay informed here about the newest peripheral neuropathy health discoveries you can use today.

8 Easy Home Remedies for Peripheral Neuropathy Relief

Strategies that can help you find some relief, right in the comfort of your own home.

Does Exercise Help Heal Nerve Damage?

Exercise can not only help stop peripheral neuropathy, but can also help heal damage that has already started to set in.

How to Increase Growth Hormones for Nerve Cell Repair

When your body has to work overtime to combat peripheral neuropathy, it’s important that you give it all the right fuel it needs.

Surprising Autonomic Symptoms of Neuropathy

Autonomic symptoms, though uncommon, can be the scariest, as they impact bodily functions that we don’t consciously control.

Toxic Nerve Damaging Enemies Hiding in Your Home

As our environment becomes more and more saturated with toxins, our nerves are often the first to show damage. Could toxins in your home be causing you toxic neuropathy?

8 of the Best Neuropathy-Friendly Exercises

Did you know that exercise is one of the best ways to beat back the damaging effects of peripheral neuropathy?

Sensory Symptoms are Your Warning Light. Don’t Ignore.

Symptoms you experience with peripheral neuropathy will depend on what type of nerve is damaged. Sensory nerve damage usually impacts sense of touch, and more.

6 Ways to Naturally Increase Nitric Oxide Levels for Nerve Health

When dealing with nerve damage, your body sometimes needs all the help it can get.

15 Ways to Prevent Falls and Protect Your Feet

Peripheral neuropathy can cause balance issues and put patients at a greater risk for falls and other injuries.

Fiery Feet and Tingling Toes: Everything You Need to Know About Why Your Feet Burn

Burning sensations in the feet are one of the first signs that peripheral neuropathy might be afoot. Here’s everything you need to know about what causes burning feet

Muscles Not Working Like They Once Did? Might Be Motor Nerve Damage

Motor nerve damage has its own set of unique symptoms., and some may surprise you.

Quick Road Map of Your Peripheral Nervous System

One of the first steps towards understanding how peripheral neuropathy works is understanding how your nerves work.

3 Best Essential Oils for Soothing Nerve Pain

Find out which essential oils studies show are best for nerve pain caused by peripheral neuropathy.

How They Work: An Intro to Nerve Function

The peripheral nervous system is a complicated thing...but the way it works is actually pretty straightforward. Learn what’s happening when peripheral neuropathy takes its toll.