Modern Neuropathy
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Neuroscience has come farther than most realize in the quest for peripheral neuropathy prevention and treatment. Don’t wait, time is of essence in healthing nerve damage. Stay informed here on tomorrow’s nerve health news, today.

Eric Clapton and Others Illustrate the Effects of Alcohol on Nerve Damage

The more we learn about the nervous system, the more we learn what causes it to become damaged. Peripheral neuropathy has many...

Celiac Disease and Neuropathy Connection: What You Need to Know

Celiac disease triggers inflammation when gluten is ingested. A recent study suggests that gluten intolerance can also lead to other chronic conditions including peripheral neuropathy

New Study: 66% of Chronic Drinkers Have Alcohol-Induced Neuropathy

Alcohol has a toxic effect on nerves. In fact, a recent study shows the majority of chronic drinkers have alcoholic neuropathy.

Up to Half of Pain Sufferers Experience Depression or Anxiety: Is this you?

Chronic pain can lead to anxiety and depression, but depression and anxiety can contribute to pain. It is time to take a two-fold approach to emotional health and physical wellness.

Gabapentin Joins the Opioid Crisis

As the American Opioid Crisis rages on, many peripheral neuropathy patients have found themselves caught in the crossfire.