One of Our Favorite Floor Vibration Devices


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While there are a lot of inexpensive floor vibration devices to choose from, there are some key factors you need to know to make a smart selection that will help, not hurt.

When choosing a vibration therapy device, you need to know what to look for in order to get the benefit you want, without causing any unwanted negative impact on your body.

The first, and most important, factor to look for when selecting vibration therapy is the type of movement a device generates.

You would never know it just by looking at a floor vibration platform, but the type of movement produced by the device can vary widely from one to the next. And what you need to know is that the right type of movement will help you achieve full benefits of vibration therapy. The wrong type can cause joint irritation and damage.

What’s the right type of vibration?

Steer clear of vibration devices that produce large oscillations or sharp lateral movements. Both of which can either provide no benefit or can irritate joints and sensitive nerves. Instead, you want a vibration device with quick, short interval movements.

Unfortunately, most vibration devices on the market provide the wrong movement for people with sensitive nerves and injured tissues.

Manufacturers too often do not explain the type of movement their devices provide — making shopping for the proper vibration therapy device difficult.

There are only a small selection of vibration plates on the market for retail customers that are considered the proper vibration frequency safe for fragile nerves. This is one of them.

Watch this video review to learn more about the features of this vibration device.