Oofos Shoes Provides 37% More Impact Absorption


Are you tired of dealing with persistent foot pain that seems to linger no matter what shoes you wear? The solution might just be a step away. OOFOS shoes have emerged as more than just stylish footwear – they’ve become a beacon of hope for individuals seeking genuine relief from foot discomfort.

OOFOS is a brand renowned for its recovery footwear. The secret lies in their proprietary foam technology – OOfoam, designed to absorb impact and reduce stress on your feet, providing an unparalleled walking experience.

When you pick up a pair of OOFOS, the first thing you notice is their incredible lightness. Put them on and you can feel the difference immediately: that’s OOfoam recovery technology, offering 37% more impact absorption than EVA (traditional foam found in athletic shoes). This means that with each step, the impact that travels from your feet up through your body is reduced by more than a third. So instead of stressing feet and joints, OOfoam and the patented OOFOS footbed absorb impact. 

The hallmark of OOFOS shoes is undoubtedly their exceptional comfort. The OOfoam footbed molds to the contours of your feet, offering a cushioned, supportive feel with each step. Whether you’re standing for extended periods or indulging in a long walk, Oofos shoes cradle your feet in comfort.

Why OOFOS for Foot Pain?

OOfoam Technology

The secret behind OOFOS‘ foot pain relief magic lies in its innovative OOfoam technology. This unique foam material absorbs 37% more impact than traditional footwear foams, reducing stress on your feet and providing an unmatched cushioning experience.

Arch Support 

For those grappling with plantar fasciitis or general arch discomfort, OOFOS shoes offer excellent arch support. The thoughtful design ensures that your arches are cradled and supported with every step, promoting natural foot alignment.

Impact Absorption

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, a daily commuter, or someone on their feet all day, OOFOS shoes excel at absorbing impact. This feature is a game-changer for anyone seeking relief from foot pain caused by prolonged standing or intense activities.


OOFOS understands that foot pain relief shouldn’t come at the cost of style. With a diverse range of designs, from casual slides to trendy clogs, you can find the perfect pair that suits your taste and complements your lifestyle.

Why OOFOS Are Not For Those With Balance Issues

While Oofos shoes are known for their exceptional comfort and foot pain relief, individuals with balance issues may find them less suitable due to their light construction that lacks substantial lateral support. The emphasis on cushioning and flexibility, which contribute to the shoes’ comfort, may not provide the necessary stability for those who require enhanced lateral support to maintain balance.

What Oofos Users Are Saying

“Struggling with chronic foot pain led me to Oofos, and the impact has been profound. These shoes have significantly alleviated my discomfort. The absorption of impact is remarkable, making walking a pleasure rather than a painful chore. If you’re dealing with foot pain, Oofos is worth a try.” – John D. 

“A battle with plantar fasciitis brought me to Oofos, and it’s been a game-changer. The arch support and cushioning are perfect for my condition. I can now walk without the constant pain that used to accompany every step. Oofos shoes are a lifesaver for anyone dealing with plantar fasciitis.” David S. 

“The majority of my patients that try OOFOS have reported that their hips, low back, and of course their feet have felt better.” – Adam Miller, Chiropractor

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