Renphro Air Compression: A Great Value for the Money

How to Get Instant Relief for Restless Legs with Compression Therapy

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If you’ve ever had surgery, you’ve likely had compression boots, also called sleeves, on your legs during your recovery to prevent blood clots. The boots fill with air to create pressure and then they deflate. This pattern continues repeatedly for the duration of the therapy. It feels very much like a blood pressure cuff, but much bigger. Often, these devices are also called compression massagers or compression machines. You may hear this therapy called intermittent pneumatic compression (IPC).

The air pressure inflating and deflating helps to move blood to major blood vessels and drain lymphatic fluid to nearby lymph nodes. This type of device is commonly used medically to reduce the risk of blood clots while in the hospital. It is also used for physical therapy. Similarly, they are available for at-home use too. 

What are the Benefits of Compression Therapy at Home?

There are many benefits of using leg compression therapy at home, including relief from:

  • restless legs syndrome
  • leg pain
  • foot pain
  • swelling in legs
  • muscle cramps
  • achiness and soreness
  • chronic venous insufficiency

Leg compression therapy has also become popular among athletes for quicker recovery after intense exercise. 

How to Use

It’s never a good idea to use any at-home therapy device at a high intensity to start out. Using intensity that is too high may make your condition worse. Begin with the lowest intensity first, and slowly work up, as needed and tolerated.

Make sure that you don’t fasten the boots too tightly. Put your fingers between the boot and your leg to test that there is wiggle room before powering the device.

How often you should use leg compression therapy boots depends on what you are using it for and your overall health. But common to all is one general rule of thumb — always start slow with minimal intensity and time, and slowly increase, if well-tolerated. Talk to your healthcare provider if you have health concerns regarding use of compression therapy. And be sure to read the owner’s manual that is provided with your device for instructions and warnings, as well.

Who Should Not Use Leg Compression Therapy?

Some people with certain health conditions should not use leg compression therapy devices. Check with your healthcare provider before using leg compression therapy if you are pregnant or have:

  • leg ulcers, open wounds, or burns
  • peripheral vascular disease
  • high blood pressure
  • a pacemaker or other medical device
  • a history of blood clots or varicose veins
  • thin, fragile skin that tears open easily
  • poor sensation that doesn’t allow you to feel the tightness of the boot
  • active infection
  • swelling related to congestive heart failure

Renphro Air Compression Leg Massager Review

The name is a little confusing, it sounds like it might do some kneading, vibration, or rolling action. But that’s not the type of massage you’re going to get with any compression therapy boot. You’ll be getting intermittent pneumatic air compression therapy, just like that which is used in hospitals and in physical therapy.

Compression therapy devices can range anywhere from $100 to $1,000. The therapeutic benefits are nearly the same from one to the next. The key differences are in the quality of materials used, craftsmanship, and added features. For example, automatic shut-off, size variety, number of intensities, number of areas treated, and heat. 

What You’ll Love

The Renphro Air Compression Leg Massager is a great value. It is not only one of the least expensive on the market, but it comes with features that are often only offered in more expensive devices. 

One major benefit of the Renpho Air Compression therapy device is that it has optional heat to help with muscle relaxation, calm aches, and increase circulation by expanding blood vessels. Even many of the more expensive devices don’t include optional heat.

Renpho Leg Compression Massager

Other benefits include:

  • Two heat modes – one to relax muscles and one to promote better circulation
  • Heat can be applied to both the calves and feet
  • Three air intensity levels
  • Includes a thigh sleeve for upper leg therapy
  • Thigh sleeve can be used on the upper arms, too
  • Detachable thigh and calf wraps allow for therapy in one specific area
  • Versatile treatment area options: single area, entire leg, feet and calves, or all three in intervals
  • Adjustable Velcro straps help it to fit most leg sizes
  • Costs less than other comparable devices

What to Consider

  • Does not target the knees
  • May be too big for a petite person and too small for a very large person
  • Not made from top quality material, but they do the job
  • A bit of a hassle to put on, as are all of the full leg therapy devices

Here’s What Reviewers are Saying

To give you a sense of what you might expect, here is what Renpho Leg Air Compression users are saying on the website about their experience.

If you suffer from RLS you have GOT to get you a pair of these.

“I have severe RLS and it is torture. However, since I bought these I have not missed a single night of sleep!! My only complaints is the cords while I am sleeping get wrapped up in my legs. But even with that I deal because of how effective they are.” – Tyree Effertz

Worth every penny

“After using my dad’s compression massager for my restless legs while on vacation with my parents, I told my husband I needed one of my own. This really helps with swelling from fluid retention in the legs. I like the rotating compression between feet, calves, and thighs. It’s also helping with circulation for my adult daughter who is in a wheelchair. An added benefit is that it gets me off my feet for 20 minutes.” – Tulsi Mani

Highly effective

“The purchase was made as a trial and ended in pure satisfaction. I have circulation problems and my legs tend to get crampy and achy enough to disturb my sleep, I put this baby on and I am able to relax. I use after those long days at work on my feet and wallah!! I love it!” – Prabhat Loke

Restless legs are GONE!

“I never leave reviews unless the product is worth it! I inherited BAD varicose veins so I have horrible restless legs all the time. To the point where I can’t run or sleep. I wear these once a day and I no longer suffer from RLS. My legs seriously feel brand new. If you have either of these issues then these are for you. Definitely worth every penny.” – Logan Larkin

It is lovely to be pain free.

“I have suffered for years with a painful leg due to restless leg. Medication doesn’t do a thing. The first time I used this, I noticed a change right away. Two weeks down the line, I use it once a day, I’m pain free. I swear by this. I was suffering almost every night, I have tried most things on the market, none appear to work. After suffering for about ten years, it is lovely to be pain free. Well worth the money. Highly recommended.” – Efe Adegboye

Wonderful pain relief!

“Ordered these for my wife who like me suffers from Fibromyalgia. She also at times has considerable leg swelling. She loves them! Helps tremendously with eliminating fluid retention and gives her tremendous pain relief.” – Tumelo Van Schalkwyk

Good product at a fair price.

“Purchased for spouse with peripheral neuropathy related to Parkinsons. Provides some pain relief.” – Parminder Chana

Does what it’s supposed to!

Does what it’s supposed to! I couldn’t live without this thing. After I use it, I get up feeling like God gifted me new legs. Only downside, which might be just me, the lining inside makes my legs feel slightly hot/sweaty but only for about a minute.” – Caleb Ritchie

Worth for the money and good product

“Easy to use, is really helpful for pain relief.” – Makenzie Rempel

Great product

“My partner suffers from restless leg syndrome and these have been working great.” – Chelsie Schoen

Good product, bought it for my mother

“Works well, little cumbersome to put it on but worth it.” – Abisoye Agnes


“Best purchase I have ever made. I have suffered severe edema in my feet and legs for 5 years +. Having tried medical stockings diuretics, etc. I have had no relief. After 5 days of using this item I am wearing shoes not worn for years. No more wearing clothes 4 sizes too big to accommodate my legs.” – Napoleon Welch

Great for bad circulation

“Yes you do look kind of strange sitting with these things strapped around your legs however I did feel the difference after only a couple weeks of using it.  I have bad circulation and this is already making a difference. Most of us cannot afford daily massages so this is a good alternative.” – Deangelo Lueilwitz


Really really helps with my restless legs. I’m only 35 but get it every few weeks and I can’t sleep. I’ve been using this before bed and my god it’s amazing it’s so nice I even fell asleep on the sofa with it on.” – Christian Wilson

Excellent compression

“Has helped reduce edema, very comfortable to wear.” – Jabulani Wright

It works for me

“Find it very relaxing when using it. Does definitely reduce the fluid around my lower legs! Bit of a fuss getting it on but you get used to it. Really pleased with the overall effect.” – Kubra Balogun

Swelling gone in 20 minutes!

“Love that it reduces swelling in 20 minutes and shuts off automatically. Don’t like that I can’t control pressure areas individually while using all 3. Foot squeezes too tight.” – Adaugo Odunayo

Like having your feet and legs getting a hug from a boa constrictor

“Takes a few minutes to set up and get started. Sure beats rubbing my girlfriend’s feet for hours on end. Love her but hands cramp up.” – Philip Brink

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