Take Care of Your Feet with these Shoes for Neuropathy


Peripheral neuropathy can quickly make your favorite pair of shoes into an absolute no-go. Nerve damage can come with painful symptoms that often start in the feet, so changing up your footwear might wind up bringing you quite a lot of relief. Here are some of the most stylish shoes for neuropathy that will help you deal with painful nerve damage.

While some forms of neuropathy can impact our ability to move, others tend to come for our sensory nerves. This can result in an irritating set of sensory symptoms, many of which can make day-to-day life into a bit of a challenge, to say the least.

What were once normal activities can become increasingly difficult, and this can even apply to something as simple as putting on a pair of shoes or socks. Depending on the type of nerve damage you’re experiencing, and its severity, your normal go-to shoes just might not be an option anymore.

But don’t worry! You don’t have to throw out your fashion sense along with that favorite pair of kicks. These days, there are a wide variety of stylish options that can keep you looking sharp while also helping you to avoid the painful symptoms that can come with peripheral nerve damage.

Sensory Symptoms Can Be Something Serious

First, a bit of background on the kind of nerve damage that might require a change in your footwear regimen. We have three types of nerves in our bodies, and they govern three distinct types of function. Your sensory nerves handle feeling and other sensory input, while your motor nerves are in charge of your ability to move your muscles. The last set contains your autonomic nerves, and they control the involuntary functions in our body, which tend to take place without our thinking about them.

The most commonly-seen types of peripheral nerve damage tend to involve a combination of sensory and motor symptoms, at the same time. Damage to these nerves usually starts farther away from the center of your body, where the central parts of your nerves live. The farther out your nerve endings extend, the harder they are to reach with nutrients and healing compounds — meaning the nerves in your feet are usually the first ones to degenerate.

As a result, painful foot problems are among the earliest indicators of peripheral neuropathy, sometimes causing your feet to become extra sensitive to what would otherwise be considered normal stimulation. Understandably enough, this can make footwear an especially persistent problem.

Stop Suffering, Try These Nerve-Friendly Shoes

Spotting someone wearing comically out-of-place footwear used to be an indication of membership in the “secret club” of peripheral neuropathy. Those of us with nerve damage in our feet can immediately recognize the signs that another person is dealing with the same thing…but advancements in comfortable shoe design have actually made this harder and harder to pick out.

These days, there are a ton of shoes that are great for accommodating the extra sensitivity that can come with nerve damage. What’s more, there exists a neuropathy-friendly shoe for just about any occasion!

The Skechers Go Walk, for Lounging around the House

Here’s the thing about peripheral neuropathy — sometimes you have to make sure you’re protecting your feet, even when you’re just hanging out at home. While it might be more comfortable to go barefoot, loss of feeling can make you prone to accidents, falls, and other injuries that might go unnoticed.

The Skechers Go Walk for women and Skechers Go Walk for men might as well have been designed with peripheral nerve damage in mind: They’re super lightweight and extremely comfortable, and they’re nice and easy to simply slip right on or off. No irritating laces to deal with, should you be experiencing nerve damage or loss of function in your hands, as well.

The Carter by Dr. Comfort Offers Versatile Foot Protection

Look, sometimes you just need a good utility player. Especially when something like peripheral nerve damage is making your footwear options a bit more limited than they might normally be. Shoes that can fill multiple functions are worth their weight in gold because we can’t all afford to be replacing our entire shoe supply.

The Carter, by Dr. Comfort, is the neuropathy patient’s dream come shoe. It’s basically built specifically to accommodate foot problems, made from lightweight, stretchy Lycra that’s super gentle on your nerve-damaged feet. They’re firmly supportive, yet also soft and durable at the same time, making them great for any number of different activities.

The Gravity Defyer for the Great Outdoors

If you’ve caught your nerve damage early enough, you might still be able to enjoy some relatively low-impact exercise, like walking. When this is the case you’re going to want to make sure to get plenty of exercise (it can help to heal and regenerate your damaged nerves), while still taking care to avoid actually making your nerve damage worse as you do so.

The Gravity Defyer are built for people with feet pain and great for a bit of brisk activity, as they’re designed to be protective and supportive. They’re nice and roomy, so your feet have plenty of space to breathe, without sacrificing their secure fit. Thanks to a nice and soft interior lining, you’ll be spared those high-impact shocks, protecting those vulnerable nerve endings while you get a good workout.

Protect Your Feet and Heal Your Nerves

Depending on the severity of your nerve damage, normal shoes simply might not be an option anymore. Peripheral neuropathy can require that we make some interesting accommodations in our life, and shoes are certainly one of them.

Certain types of sensory neuropathy can make those normal shoes and socks all but unbearable, so it’s best to have some nerve damage-friendly alternatives close at hand. There are a ton of footwear choices that can help you accommodate your nerve damage without sacrificing your sense of style — all you have to do is look with your nerve-damaged feet in mind. With the right shoes, you can protect your nerves and get on with your life, never missing a beat.

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